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SEGE: PWDs receive GHC 90.000.00 from District Assembly Common Fund.

SEGE: PWDs receive GHC 90.000.00 from District Assembly Common Fund.


The Ada West District Assembly has disbursed GHC 90,000, representing 3% of the District Assembly’s Common Fund due for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarter of 2019 to Persons With Disability (PWDs) in the district.

The disbursement took place at the District Assembly’s premises on Thursday and Friday, 6th and 7th August 2020 respectively.

The District Chief Executive, Mr. Adzoteye Lawer Akrofi told Adacommunityomline that the PWD Fund is to support them but observations made out of series of monitoring exercises by the Assembly show that most of them have limited capacity to manage themselves after they are established.

He said the district is committed to assisting and ensuring all PWDs benefit from the fund, and also ensure the Fund serves its intended purpose in their lives.

“The District Assembly has done this presentation in the farming season to enhance the PWDs to do their farming and trading adequately.

I continue urging them not to surrender to the fact that they are disabled in any way.” He said.

Madam Abigail Teye, acting head of the Social Welfare and Community Development Department who was also at the presentation told Adacommuntyonline that most of the PWDs in the District are of limited capability to manage their own businesses and that has been the major challenge to the Assembly.

“The Common Fund administrator has been directed to establish as many persons with disabilities as possible so as to wean them off the Fund and become self-reliant.

In all, Hundred and twenty-eight (128) people with various disabilities have been given cash for health, farming, and petty trading, while fourteen (14) others who opted for fridges, deep freezers, sewing machines, incubators, and corn mill machines will have them delivered by the end of the month.” She added.

Meanwhile, some of the PWDs told adcommunityonline.com that the amount of money given them is not enough to provide their needs and so pleading with authorities to consider a structure that will allow few of them to receive a substantial amount of money for a time then shifts to other groups later but authorities are yet to agree to this suggestion.

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