Tuesday , July 5 2022


As a group of young natives from Ada, in the Greater Accra Region of the Republic of Ghana, who are committed to seeing the Ada community develop to its fullest potentials, we have realized that effective communication is key to achieving the developmental task hence the idea of adacommunityonline.com in the year 2015.

We are convinced that no modern society can develop without adequate and effective communication since it creates common platform for togetherness, rally people and above all foster relationships. These are key elements of development which adacommunity.com seeks to employ in breaching barriers between natives home and abroad, foster relationships between and above all rally them for the development of the community.

MISSION: To be the mouth piece and mirror in which natives present themselves to Ghana and the rest of the world.
VISION: Making Ada a world’s destination for tourism, industry, culture and traditional values worthy of experience