Tuesday , 16 January 2018

Okornorwomi FC, the pride of Ada

Okornorwomi fcOkornorwomi FC is a Division Two club in Ada and are currently participating in the ongoing Greater Accra Division Two League which kicked off about three months ago.

The team was formed at Sege about two years ago, played their home matches at the Sege Community Park but due to the grassless nature of the pitch compelled management decision to move the playing body from Sege to Senakey Sports Complex at Kasseh.

Core of the players are from Sege and its sub towns. And the unique features you will see when you get close to the players are that they are very respectful, loyal, disciplined and united. They always report to training on time and hardworking spirit, cohesion and understanding among the technical team keep them churning out good and impressive results.

They have played a total of nine matches, out of the possible 27 points managed to get 16 points and sitting third in their zone.Okornorwomi fc2

Running a football club has to do with the passion, zeal and love for the game. This is because it involves a lot of money to pay players’ bonuses and monthly salaries. They are not strong financially but the management heavily led by Mr. Buer and Honorable Sampson Kpankpah, former Assemblyman for Sege Electoral area are really working hard on the grounds to ensure the team qualify for next year’s Division One League.

Sampson Kpankpah popularly known in Sege as King Dzakpah is a hardworking administrator and deserves applause. He has been paying the transportation fares of the players especially those staying at Sege and Coastal area to go and train at Kasseh. Sometimes gives them small bonuses apart from the normal bonus as a form of extrinsic motivation to propel the players to give off their best to ensure the dream of gaining a Division One League status come to pass.

As you might expect from a team that sets up in this manner, Okornorwomi FC’s attacking threat comes mostly in transition. The key to effective counter attacking with high speed is their main strength making it difficult for their competitors to dislodge them when in possession.

Okornorwomi FC’s story is without doubt one of the magics of recent times. Part of the explanations for their meteoric rise lies upon coaching appointments- the man that got things working out for them is young and vibrant coach, Daniel Pumplapu. He has done nothing short of a remarkable despite not having any coaching certificate, working wonders on a modest budget by organizing justifies to recruit players to strengthen the squad.

Their key strengths lie in organization, fluidity and understanding and we have seen just how far this can get you in football in recent times. Coach Daniel is trusted and loved, just like the board and this instills confidences not only in the players but creates an all-round positive atmosphere around the club. Football is as much in the mind as on the pitch so this definitely helps the club move forward.

Credit: Christopher Roland Agbeko


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