Tuesday , 16 January 2018

Ada East District Assembly to vote for DCE again on Tuesday

The presiding members for Ada East Assembly Hon. Simon K. Arthur, on 4th of July signed a letter of invitation which is being circulated to Assembly members . The agenda of the letter sound positive : Confirmation of President’s Re Nominee as District chief Executive. 

This is the Second time the assembly is going to decide on the Government nominee. This special meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 11, at the Assembly hall of Ada College of Education Ada Foah.

The Presiding member for the Assembly, Hon. Simon Arthur in a telephone conversation said, the meeting is strictly by invitation.”The media, heads of department, Traditional Authorities, selected stakeholders and Assembly’s staff will be allowed in”. Hon. Sarah Dugbakuor pobee has been elected for Ada Foah Fiegbedu electoral area in the Ada East District. She was nominated to serve as the District Chief Executive for Ada East District. On the 5th of May, Thirteen assembly members voted Yes in her favour whilst twenty-three voted No.

Hon. Pobee has been re nominated and the thirty-six members of the Assembly are being summoned to exercise their constitutional mandate on Tuesday 11 of July. It is not clear why the change in venue and what brought the strict invitation. Some assembly members alleged they have been verbally assaulted in public by some people believed to be party faithfuls when the vote do not favour their candidate hence the change in venue and other security arrangments to avoid animosity.

Revocation of Government appointees: The Greater Accra Regional Minister, Mr Isheal Ashitey on May 5, revoked the mandate of the Government appointees of the Ada East District Assembly. Letters to that effect happened few hours after the Assembly failed to endorse the Government’s nominee, Hon. Sarah Pobee. An act that is being challenged by some youth associations as constitutionally wrong per the act quoted by the Minister. Two separate press conferences was held demanding repeal of the sacked appointees.

THINGS IN MEMORY: Will the Government present a new set of appointees on Tuesday. Will the original appointees crush gate on the voting day. If it happened that the Minister quoted a wrong article, will he re quote to stamp the revocation. Will the New appointees be sworn into office the same day whiles it is not captured in the  agenda for the day. These are what is trending. To be continued.

Noah Dameh-Ada

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