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Miss Ada pageant heats up: week 2 highlights

Miss Ada pageant heats up: week 2 highlights

Miss Ada 2016 week 2Update by Louisa Atta Akpoto

It was another Sunday night and the Kasseh Township came to life, the studios of MGTV was fully packed for the second week of the maiden edition of Miss Ada which was streaming live on MGTV.

The writer, Louisa Akpoto ready at the program

The writer, Louisa Akpoto ready at the program

Did you know how the name Okorlihi came about? Did you know the first clan to settle on the Ada land? Did you know why the people of the Terkperbiawem do not use gold?

Well the contestants demonstrated to us how each of the eight (8) now nine (9) clans came to settle in Ada. It was a very insightful and an educative night.

We got to know that the Addibiawem clan was the first of the clans to settle in Ada followed by the Terkpebiawem, Lomobiawem and the Kabiawem respectively. They lived in a forest near Goi known as Okorhwem.

Later the Kudzrabge, Korgbor, Ohuerwem and finally the Dangbebiawem followed.

Miss Ada 2016 2nd week 3The clans became nine because the Kabiawem clan divided themselves into two: the Kabiawem tsutsu(red) and Kabiawem yumu(black).

The paramountcy of the Adas also changed from Addibiawem to Kabiawem after the death of Addi who was then the leader of the Addibiawem clan but it is of interest to know though the paramountcy is with the Kabiawem, the leadership of the Adas still remains in the hands of the Addibiawem. That is why in the hierarchy of the clans, the Addibiawem comes first.

The atmosphere in the studio was like that of the Asafotufiam Friday.Miss Ada 2016 2nd week

There were some chief who graced the occasion and to represent their respective clans. Some of these chiefs are Nene Osuse Ackwerh III Totimehkope Mantse who represented the Dangbebiawem clan, Asafuatse Amusu III represented the Terkperbiawem clan, Nene Zotorvie VI represented the Ohuerwem clan and Nene Dameh Agbewornu II, Sege Mantse represented the Lomobiawem clan.

Miss Ada 2016 2nd week 1Last but not the least, Asafoatse Hlamtse Kabutey Assem III represented the Kabiawem clan but he also happens to be the organiser for the 2016 Miss Ada pageant.

Also present were members of the planning committee of the Ada Asafotufiam festival who once again confirmed that this year’s festival will start from the 4th to 11th August, 2016 under the theme “PROMOTING CULTURE THROUGH ECO-TOURISM”.

Some of the programs lined up include:

Home coming and Aids awareness walk on Thursday, 4th August, 2016.Miss Ada 2016 2nd week 2

Paying homage to the paramount chief and display by various clans on Friday, 5th August,2016.

Durbar of chiefs and people on Saturday, 6th August, 2016.

Thanksgiving service / youth march and crowning of Miss Asafotufiam 2016 on Sunday, 7th August, 2016.

Tug of war/ regatta and beach jams on Monday, 8th August, 2016.

Football gala on Tuesday, 9th August, 2016.

Royal walk and feasting on Wednesday, 10th August, 2016.

Stay glued to your set and keeps watching MGTV because it is the official TV station for the Asafotufiam festival.


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