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Miss Ada week 6 update: Ame evicted as grand finale nears

Miss Ada week 6 update: Ame evicted as grand finale nears

Miss Ada 6th weekDespite the rain downpour and frequent power outages, the program still came on and it was an exciting night as contestants celebrated living legends who are Adas. Miss Ada 6th week 5

KK talked about His Lordship Amos Lawerh Buertey, a former MP for Ada whilst Ame celebrated Hon. Christian Otuteye, the current MP for the Ada West constituency.

On her part, Doeyo celebrated a giant in the world of entrepreneurs, the head of Senaky group of companies, Mr. Seth Korletey Narhngua popularly known as Senaky.

Aluayo idolized the first black man to head GBC and the man who united all the Ga-Adangme states through his innovation, the man who established the first community radio station, Radio Ada.

He is no other than Mr. Alex Teye Quarmyne now Nene Teye Quarmyne,  Noryamimatse of Ada (developmental Chief).

Kiki on stage portrayed to us the qualities of one of the most influential chiefs of our time, Asafoatse Tsatsu Pediator IV, head of the Kudzragbe clan.

Last but not the least, Maku talked of the CEO of Britee Company Ltd, producers of roofing sheets and more, Mr. Bright Tetteh Amlalo.

Maku won the most eloquent for the night.

Miss Ada 6th week 2Then came the dreaded moment,  eviction!!!!!

Unfortunately Ame had to go home but didn’t go empty handed. She left with assorted wax prints and a cash price of one thousand Ghana Cedis (GH¢1,000.00).

The Grand finale is going to be on the 4th of August, 2016, Asafotu Thursday.

Hope to see you there.

Miss Ada 6th week 1 Miss Ada 6th week 3 Miss Ada 6th week 4

Credit: Louisa Atta Akpoto


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